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01/01/18 Official Business

2018 Annual Dues Now Payable:

Please send your checks before the end of January to avoid late fees or suspension of membership. You may also make semiannual payments by paying half in January and half in July. Please contact the office if you have questions, and please send checks to:


AFM Local 655 1915 NE 45th St Suite 105 Fort Lauderdale FL 33308

01/01/18 From the President

Dear colleagues and friends,

I'm highly honored to have the opportunity to serve as President of your South Florida Musicians Association! First, I'd like to extend my deep and sincere thanks to our out-going officers, President Jay Bertolet, Vice-president Dan Satterwhite, and Executive Board Director Doug Michels, for their dedicated and steadfast service to our organization over the past three years.  We will greatly miss them all, and I know we all wish them the very best. I also want to thank our other Executive Board Directors, Iris Van Eck, Karen Dixon, Elizabeth Aron, and Carey Kleiman for their loyalty, service, and friendship, and also congratulate Iris as she becomes the new Vice-president. Last, but far from least, my enduring gratitude goes to our intrepid Secretary-Treasurer, Jeffrey Apana, without whose 20 years of dedication, savvy, and passion this Local would not exist. I greatly look forward to working with Jeff and Iris and the other new and returning board members over the next three years.  

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01/01/18 Last Month at the Local

Last month the Palm Beach Opera Orchestra was scheduled to perform an outdoor concert at the waterfront. After turning down other gigs, practicing their music, making reeds, and doing whatever preparation is necessary, they showed up to the first rehearsal to be told that the Opera was going to cancel the concert due to predicted bad weather.

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01/01/18 Member Profiles

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