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Union Driver and Traveler

What would it be like if you could have all the benefits (and more) of a AAA membership for only $49.95 a year for your entire family? Well, you can!

Union Driver & Traveler, an exclusive benefit for union members, will help you change a flat tire, give you a jump start, or tow your car if necessary. Up to $100 of assistance per disablement, with the convenience of a toll-free number available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You also get computerized trip routing, free maps, and their toll-free travel agency will give you a 5% discount on commissionable travel. Not to mention discounts on car rentals, hotel reservations, auto repairs at places like Jiffy Lube and Meineke, and the guaranteed lowest price on airline tickets.

Stop by the office for a brochure, or call (800) 547-4663 for a risk-free trial.

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