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Scale Increase!

Please note that the next scale increase (approved in October 1997) goes into effect on November 1; see your Directory for the new rates. Call if you have questions. Thanks!

What Your Dues Pays For...

Ever wonder where that money you give us goes? Ever wonder what you get for that money? Letís take a lookÖ

Your Annual Dues keep the doors open. They pay our rent, the phone bill, dues to the Federation. Annual dues also pay your Life Insurance premiums and costs to print and mail this Newsletter 6 times a year (and the Membership Directory every other year). That ís about itÖ

But we do a lot more for you than that. We have a President to enforce contracts and handle grievances, a Vice President to assist you in getting your recording projects under contract and seeing that you get your new use and reuse payments. We have office staff to hook you up with credit union, instrument insurance, and legal advice benefits and to see that your AFM-EP pension fund benefits are being properly credited. We have lawyers to fight for the money thatís owed to you from a gig that was canceled at the last minute or the one you played six months ago and still havenít been paid for.

Where does this money come from? It comes from the $2.32 in work dues you paid on that gig you did last week, the 2.5% (symphonic CBA)/3% (casual)/3.5% (recording) of scale wages that you pay on those contracts you file.

So should you file those contracts?? Is it worth a couple of dollars now to help us find more benefits and services for you and to protect yourself from the potential of thousands of dollars in legal costs later?

You bet!

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