Recording Rap

The number of recording contracts filed increases each month. So many of our members have come to realize that there really is a pension fund and they like the idea of a Special Payments Fund check every year. Equally important, they now receive their session pay a lot sooner and in many cases the amount of that pay is more than what they used to get.

Why are things getting better? Because you call me and have me look into things; I have been able to address problems without jeopardizing your position with the producers. Musicians are beginning to be paid in a timely fashion and in many cases they are getting better pay than they would have received in the old days. Soooooo, keep on calling.

Hey Jingle Producers! Tired of watching what was once a very profitable business being undermined by people who are practically giving their product away? Itís time to put an end to the decline of the standards in jingle production in South Florida. What about promoting the sale of jingles for local advertisers?

Some of us have been talking about forming an organization of jingle musician/producers who can exchange ideas to improve the Industry without giving away secrets. There was such an organization several years ago in New York and it was very successful. It may be a good idea to give it a try down here. For further information call me at the Local or Rene Barge at (305) 442-2821.

In the meantime the EMSD of the SFMA will continue to grow and provide service for you. Sooooooo, keep on calling.

Recording Industry Rakes in Bucks!

In Miami-Dade county alone, the Recording Industry had $343 million in revenue for 1997. The entertainment industry as a whole earned over $2 billion. All six of the major Latino labels (Sony, EMI, Polygram, WEA, Universal, BMG), as well as ASCAP and BMI, have headquarters here.

Who was it that said thereís no recording going on in South Florida??

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