Local Sues FGO for Violation of Agreement

Local 655 has filed a lawsuit against Florida Grand Opera (FGO) for violation of an archival recording agreement.

For the past several years, FGO has executed AFM agreements allowing them to make archival recordings without additional compensation to musicians. The agreements allow them to use the recordings for grant applications as well as for archival purposes.Any additional use requires the FGO to execute the appropriate AFM agreement and pay wages and benefits as specified in the AFM agreement for the intended use.

In May of 2007 FGO began posting archival material on YouTube.com in violation of the archival recording agreement. The lawsuit claims that FGO owes over $145,000 in wages and benefits to musicians for the posting of ten video clips, plus legal fees. The lawsuit was filed in Circuit Court in December 2008.



You guys aren't thinking this through!!!!
The only revenue that the FGO would see from something like this is in an increase in attendance which only supports the orchestral community keeping their jobs.It sounds to me like the orchestral players have an axe to grind, which will only deepen their reputations as an obstacle to a successful classical enviornment and not a partner. Have we learned nothing from the Florida Philharmonic debacle!!!!
Down with FGO! They have no respect for the orchestra now, nor did they in the past. Can't wait for this to hit their budget even further!

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