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5 Ways To Go Green

Want to know more about how you and your family can reduce your household's carbon emissions, save on utility bills and help the environment? Being green used to mean installing expensive solar panels or replacing your whole electrical system--but now there are some surprisingly simple energy-saving techniques that are easier on your wallet.

Did you know that the gaps around the doors and windows of the average American home would add up to a 3-foot square hole in the wall? Caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows is a cheap and easy way to save energy. Now, with Union Plus, union members can visit to learn more about these and other ways to go green without spending too much green:

  1. Get up to $250 through the Union Plus Home Energy Rebate program
  2. Learn how to "go green"-everything from learning what the ten items are that you never knew you could recycle including foam packing peanuts and cell phones, to what foods are important to buy organic to avoid pesticides like apples and potatoes
  3. Get cash back for buying a union-made energy efficient car
  4. Get a $100 rebate for upgrading your home's heating oil system
  5. Find a union HVAC contractor to complete the work on your home's heating and cooling systems

Want to get more involved in the global environmental movement? Join other union members who recognize the importance of building a greener tomorrow with the Blue Green Alliance. Or check out the We campaign to help push for a solution to the climate crisis within ten years.
Visit to learn how you and your family can take steps toward a greener future. It may be easier than you think!



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