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Wage Scale increases, Annual Dues reminders, and Elections Notices are in this month's notice.

Wage Scale Increases on September 1

Please note that minimum wage scales will increase on September 1. The new rates can be found here: . If you have any questions about the new rates or would like a hard copy of the scale booklet, please contact us.

Annual Dues

Also, if you still have a balance on your 2009 Annual Dues, you are now delinquent and may be subject to late fees. Please contact us if you have any questions about your  balance. Thank you!


Please note that nominations are now open for elections for the 2010-11 term of office. For more information, please go to .



To 655 Board: I find that the tables and definitions of the new scales published on our web page are indecipherable and useless. There are not enough clear definitions of what you mean. (What's Time Work?) And who can tell in what order to apply the percentage premiums? The formulas are non-existent, so that means they can be run in different ways, which means they are meaningless. PLEASE WRITE OUT THE EXACT AMOUNTS FOR EACH LISTING! What's Class B really mean versus Class A? And don't tell me case-by-case - what standards and rules apply? Thank you.
All percentages are based on the minimum, so they can be applied in any order (so $100 scale with 15% doubling and 20% continuous premium would be $100 plus $15 [15% of 100] plus $20 [20% of 100]). You can also use the scale calculator in the Members' Section to perform all of the calculations for you.

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