That Union Thing

United Faculty of Florida is fighting to retain 62 positions at Florida State University.

As a result of an $82 million reduction in revenue from the state, some departments were merged and some degree programs were eliminated, resulting in 62 professors and staff members receiving layoff notices.

The city of Cape Coral is considering closing on Fridays to save money. The city is considering establishing a 4-day, 9-hour-per-day work week for nonessential personnel, resulting in a 10 percent reduction in hours and pay. Police, firefighters, and utility plan operators would not be effected. The cities of Coconut Creek, Margate, Gainesville, and Bradenton already have 4-day workweeks, however employees in those cities work 10-hour days, resulting in no reduction in weekly hours or pay.

The city of Miami is threatening to eliminate more than 100 police positions unless the Fraternal Order of Police agree to concessions. The city is trying to close a $118 million shortfall in a $511 million budget. AFCSME and the firefighters' union have already agreed to forgo salary increases, saving the city $18 million.


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