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Help Now Available for Union Plus Credit Card Holders Facing Job Loss

Unemployment in America is now the highest it's been since 1983. Millions of working families are cutting back to the bare necessities and trying to make ends meet. That's why Union Plus has created Job Loss Grants, as part of a $3 million Union SAFE initiative designed to help union members struggling financially in today's economic crisis.

Union Plus Job Loss Grants are for Union Plus Credit Card holders. They do not need to be paid back and are put towards the member's credit card balance. So far 132 Union Plus Credit Card holders have received a total of $32,000 in Job Loss Grants. To qualify for a grant, the job loss must have been in the previous six months and last at least 90 days.

When Paul Stevenson of Jamestown, NY, was unexpectedly laid off from a job he'd held for over 6 years, he received a $250 Union Plus Job Loss Grant.

"I recommend this program to any union member who finds themselves hurt by the current economy," says Stevenson. Union Plus Credit Card holders can also take advantage of skip pays, a layoff helpline, member advocate and disaster grants.

Other Union SAFE programs include:

If you are a Union Plus Credit Card holder, visit for more information on job loss grants.

Even if you do not have a Union Plus Credit Card, you can still access help through Union SAFE including free budgeting help and credit counseling at 1-877-833-1745 or call the Save My Home Hotline at 1-866-490-5361.

How can you help? Become a Fan of Union Plus on Facebook and we'll donate $100 to the union member hardship fund. See

Hardship Help Contact Information: includes advice, tools and calculators to help you cope with deb.

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