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Annual Dues, Membership Meetings

Annual Dues Now Payable

Please remember that Annual Dues paid after January 31 may be subject to late fees. Please check your email or the Members' Section of the website for your current total balance.

You may pay half in January and the balance in July. Checks should be made payable to "AFM Local 655" and mailed to 404 SE 15 St., Fort Lauderdale FL 33316. Please note that this is a different address than last year!

Thank you!

Membership Meeting Reminder

Please remember that the next membership meeting is scheduled for:

Details and the agenda can be found here.

Also, another membership meeting has been scheduled for:

The agenda includes proposed Bylaw amendments which can be found here.


I am a member up in West Palm Beach. I never attended a meeting but I would like to out of curiosity. Can you tell me if it is okay to bring a non-member with me to a meeting?
If the other members in attendance do not object, it would be OK to bring a guest. Of course the guest would not be allowed to participate, but they could observe.

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