That Union Thing

NFL assistant coaches are considering unionizing. Members of the NFL Coaches Association are upset over a vote by NFL owners last year making pension and retirement plans optional. Eleven teams have withdrawn from the league pension plan and coaches feel that the alternatives offered by the teams are inferior to previous coverage.

The Writers Guild of America has reached an angreement with ABC News. Employees will receive raises of at least two percent in each of the next three years.

AFTRA has begun negotiations with ABC News and with the recording industry. Issues are expected to include use of new technology. AFTRA and SAG will jointly negotiate with the  primetime TV industry in the fall.

The 500 pilots for Fort Lauderdale-based Spirit Airlines are one step closer to calling a strike. They have been in contract negotiations for three years, with the airline asking for $12 million in concessions and pilots asking for parity with other low-cost carriers such as Airtran and JetBlue.


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