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Strategic Broadcast Media and the Community Broadcast Foundation are fighting the sale of WXEL radio to American Public Media-owned Classical South Florida. The organizations are concerned over the potential loss of local voice and local programming, particularly jazz programming, and the fate of the WXEL TV station. Barry University sold the WXEL radio station (but not the TV station) to Classical South Florida in April for $3.85 million, but the sale is subject to regulatory approval.

Pollstar reports that live music revenue for the country's largest tour producers is down for 2010, due to low ticket sales and canceled concerts. Gross revenue from the top 100 tours is down 17 percent for the first half of 2010, and ticket sales for tour producing behemoth Live Nation for the first half of the year are down to 9.7 million from last years' sales of 12.9 million.


AFTRA and SAG have begun to hold preliminary "wages and working conditions" sessions in advance of negotiations with the motion picture and TV industry. The  unions will begin negotiating with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on September 27.


It is now estimated that the damage to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center from the May floods in Nashville will cost $42 million to repair. While insurance will cover much of the bill, the Symphony estimates $3 to $10 million in damage that will not be covered by insurance. The Center is not expected to reopen until January 2011, and the Symphony will be performing in other venues, such as Lipscomb University and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, until repairs are completed.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has announced that standard applications for O and P visas will be reviewed within fourteen days. For the past several years, delays of up to 120 days in visa processing, as well as expensive premium processing fees, have made it difficult for U.S. organizations to ensure that international soloists and stars would be able to get into the country in time for performances.

The Mark Morris Dance Company in Chicago has replaced the professional Chicago Sinfonietta with a student ensemble from Roosevelt University for the premiere of its "Romeo and Juliet, On Motifs of Shakespeare." The action drew protests from the Chicago Federation of Musicians and condemnation by delegates of the 2010 AFM Convention.


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