AFL-CIO Union Summer Internships in Fort Lauderdale

Union Summer is a 10-week educational internship in which participants are introduced to the union movement. The Union Summer internship will run from June 13 through Aug. 19. It will begin with a weeklong orientation and training, which will be held June 13 to June 17. After the training, interns will work in teams on union organizing drives in various parts of the country. The work could include working on state legislative battles, visiting workers in their homes to find out what workers want to change about their jobs, planning and participating in direct actions such as marches, as well as assisting in building community, labor and religious organizations. Interns will play an important role in helping to build support for workers in their fight to gain a voice in their workplaces.

Participation in Union Summer is also an ideal way for people to learn about union or community organizing as a career.

Internship Requirements

Union Summer interns should be dedicated to social and economic justice and have a specific desire to learn about the labor movement.

It is NOT necessary to have union experience or knowledge of the union movement to be accepted as a Union Summer intern, but such a background is a plus in the application process.
Union Summer interns must be:

A sense of humor is also a definite asset. In some areas, applicants who are fluent in a language other than English will be given preference, based on the needs of a specific internship site and organizing campaign. The Union Summer program also is committed to achieving diversity among interns, which reflects, as closely as possible, the diversity of the workforce with whom we are working.

The above interests and qualities should be demonstrated clearly in the written Union Summer application and in the interview process.

Interns will receive a stipend of $350 per week for the 10 weeks of the internship. The internship will not include a housing allowance. 

To apply online:

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