Member Benefits from Union Plus

Save 15% on AT&T monthly wireless services. Go union and start saving today! Union Members Can Save 15% on new iPhone® service plans. It's time to switch to the nation's only unionized wireless provider!

Union members who purchase a new iPhone can save $198 over their two-year contract on a basic monthly service and data plan (450 minutes and 200MB of data) with the Union Plus AT&T discount. Members who buy higher rate plans can save even more.

Even if you choose one of AT&T's many other phones, you'll still save 15% off the regular monthly rate on individual and family plans with the nation's only unionized wireless provider.

So now is a great time to switch your wireless service to AT&T to get 15% savings and support the 40,000 union workers at the nation's only completely unionized wireless provider. To start saving go to a local AT&T store (not mall kiosks or authorized dealers) and use discount FAN number 3508840 or shop online at

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