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After a two-year drop, donations to the arts have begun to rebound. In 2010, donations rose an estimated 5.7 percent. Adjusted for inflation, donation levels are still about 11 percent below their pre-recession peak.


The North Carolina Symphony has met its goal of raising $8 million and has received a $1.5 million challenge grant from the state legislature. This is the second year the North Carolina legislature has offered the challenge grant, and the orchestra has reduced its debt by more than half, to $1.7 million, in the past eighteen months.

Loretta Dranoff has passed away at age 89. Dranoff founded the Murray Dranoff Foundation and its two piano competition to honor her husband after his death in 1985. The competition was the first honoring duo pianists, and remains the most prestigious.

The San Diego Symphony musicians have ratified a new 5-year agreement. The agreement retains 80 musicians and a 42-week season and increases wages by about 3.5 percent per year.


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