Sunshine Pops Months Behind in Paying Musicians

The Sunshine Pops was five months behind in paying its musicians for their February 2011 concerts, and has yet to pay them for concerts that took place in March 2011. Musicians are owed approximately $600 or more each. Over the past year, the Sunshine Pops has been paying musicians later and later. Musicians had been receiving checks two or three weeks after performances, then four weeks, and then six weeks. Musicians had not been paid for the February 2011 concerts by the time the orchestra performed its March 2011 concerts, and indeed did not receive payment for the February concerts until the end of July. Musicians still have not received payment for the March 2011 concerts, the last of the 2010-11 season. The 2011-12 Sunshine Pops season begins in December and musicians are urged to be cautious before accepting work for the Sunshine Pops.

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