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The Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Festival of the Arts Boca have united. The two organizations will now operate under one administrative board. Under the new partnership, the organizations hope to create one large comprehensive festival as well as more arts events throughout the year.


The AFM has completed negotiations for a new 3-year agreement with the recording industry. The new agreement calls for increases in scale wages and health and welfare payments, and provides new revenue streams for the Music Performance Trust Fund. The agreement also opens up new business opportunities for signatories. The new agreement will become effective upon ratification by musicians. 

The national board of AFTRA has given authorization for a strike. AFTRA is currently in negotiations with the major labels for a new agreement covering sound recording. The current agreement expires on December 31.


Miami City Ballet brought in twice as much revenue from single tickets as it was expecting last year. MCB set a goal of $519,000 in single ticket sales, and actually ended up selling $1.2 million in single tickets. For the current season, MCB has already collected $50,000 more in ticket sales than it had at this time last year.

The Metropolitan Opera has balanced its budget and raised $182 million. For the fiscal year that ended in July, the Met raised 50 percent more than it raised in the previous fiscal year. The Met also made $11 million in profits from its HD broadcasts in movie theaters. The Met has also ratified a new 3-year agreement with musicians. The new agreement raises salaries by 7.3 percent over the life of the agreement and also raises their yearly media salary.

The New York City Ballet Orchestra has ratified a new two-year agreement, retroactive to last season. After a one-year wage freeze, wages will rise this season by 2.5 percent.

The Buffalo Philharmonic has signed a new five-year contract. The contract raises salaries by 13.8 percent over the life of the contract and restores two weeks to the season and two weeks of vacation pay. The contract also increases the season length by a week, to 40 weeks, in the final year.

The Boston Symphony has signed a new three-year contract. The new agreement calls for three percent raises in each of the three years, as well as increases in pension benefits.

The Pittsburgh Symphony has received $5 million from the Dietrich Charitable Trusts. The gift will establish an endowment fund to be used for educational programs.


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