That Union Thing

The union representing NBA players has been disbanded and players have filed an antitrust lawsuit against the league.

Players and the league have been in negotiations for months, and players have agreed to concessions including a reduction in wages of $3 billion over ten years, shorter contracts, lower raises, and spending controls on the wealthiest teams. However, keeping half of league revenue for themselves appears to have not been enough for team owners, and players have been locked out for four months. The lawsuit players have filed claims that the lockout amounts to an illegal group boycott under antitrust laws.

The Palm Beach County School District has warned bus drivers that they may be fired if they call in sick without a note from their doctors. Drivers are protesting low wages and unfair working conditions, and their union has just begun contract negotiations. Drivers have not received raises in years, and their salaries are lower than that at some nearby bus systems.


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