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Annual Dues Now Payable:

Please send your checks before the end of January to avoid late fees or suspension of membership. You may also make semiannual payments by paying half in January and half in July. Please contact the office if you have questions, and please send checks to:

AFM Local 655
404 SE 15 St
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316

Please make sure you send checks to our new address! Thanks!

Annual Statements of Dues Paid

Statements of Annual Dues and Work Dues paid in 2011 will be available in February. If you have requested a statement in the past, you will automatically be sent one again this year. If you have not requested a copy in the past and would like one this year, please contact the Local.



I think that all musicians and bands that work a certain venue on a steady bases should be employees! If we have to go by the rules of the venue, dress code exc. Then why can't we share the same benefits as employees?

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