That Union Thing

State Representative Tom Goodson (R-Titusville) has sponsored a bill that would prevent county governments from enacting wage theft ordinances. Supporters of the bill fear a patchwork of different county ordinances across the state, but have failed to propose a statewide wage theft protection program. Miami-Dade county's wage theft ordinance has already recovered $900,000 in wages in the short time since its passage.

After two years of negotiations, leaders of SAG and AFTRA have reached yet another agreement in an attempt to merge the two unions. The last attempt in 2003 narrowly failed, but support for a merger appears to have grown. A ratification vote, which would require endorsement by at least 60 percent of the voting membership, may take place as early as April.

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that employees have a right to concerted action and collective claims, despite any arbitration agreements with their employers which may prohibit group claims. Employers may still require arbitration, but they must also allow employees to file collective claims, either in court or through arbitration. This ruling applies to both union and nonunion worksites.  


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