Christ Memorial Chapel Seeks Choir Director/Organist

Christ Memorial Chapel is an Episcopal Church serving the residents of the Town of Jupiter Island and attended also by people from neighboring communities. It is a small comfortable church with a tradition of excellent preachers and a small but professional choir. The church has a six month calendar -November through April. Currently the choir consists of two sopranos, a contralto, a tenor and two baritones. One of the members has an advanced degree in music direction. The repertoire ranges from Bach to Spirituals. Each year the choir performs two cantatas that replace the regular liturgy that day.

The 11 AM service music is selected by the director in concert with the choir, but the Rector has the final say as to what is sung. Members are encouraged to recommend specific pieces. The 8:30 service of communion has no choir, but there is a hymn at the end and previously the organist has provided music during the collection, before the Eucharistic Prayer.

Hymns to be sung are selected from a list recommended by the church for a particular service. The liturgy consists of three or four Morning Prayer and one communion service each month. The choir director/organist may be invited to play at weddings and memorial services by invitation.

Job requirements:

1. Be an accomplished organist with an interest in and enthusiasm for church music across a broad range of composers. Play the music for each 11 AM Sunday service plus Christmas, Maundy Thursday and Easter services including preludes and postludes when appropriate. Select and lead two cantatas on dates assigned by the Chaplain.

2. Plan and select the music for services in concert with the Chaplain.

3. Provide choir members with the music to be sung in advance of rehearsals so that they can prepare to rehearse properly and efficiently.

4. This position reports to the Rector but the Vestry Choir Committee, of which the director is a member, has general oversight responsibilities.

5. Provide a professional environment wherein singers can perform to their best talents during the season.

6. Prepare and play music at weddings and memorial services as appropriate.

7. Have sufficient computer skills, or be willing to learn them, to send and receive sheet music electronically and to communicate better with members.

8. Be personally committed to the spiritual life of the Chapel.

Salary and terms of employment are negotiable.

Send cover letter and brief description of experience to:
Leslie at: 83chapel[at]bellsouth[dot]net


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