That Union Thing

The National Labor Relations Board has ordered Mardi Gras Casino to reinstate ten fired workers and pay them back wages.

The casino has also been ordered to post employee rights posters and provide employee contact lists and workplace bulletin board access to union organizers. The ten reinstated workers were fired in November and were all members of the casino's union leadership committee.

Flight attendants are protesting American Airlines' plans to emerge from bankruptcy on the backs of its workers. The airline has asked the bankruptcy court to set aside union contracts so that it can eliminate 25 percent of its workforce, and scale back or eliminate health and pension benefits for its remaining workforce. The unions contend that the airline is failing to bargain fairly and in good faith, all the while keeping billions of dollars in the bank and paying millions of dollars in compensation to its executives.

IATSE has filed another charge against the Kravis Center with the National Labor Relations Board. IATSE claims that the Kravis Center has failed to execute an agreement reached with the union in January. The Kravis Center claims that the agreement was tentative and subject to approval by its Board of Directors. Should the NLRB find that an agreement was reached, the usual remedy would be to compel the Center to sign the agreement.


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