South Florida Musicians Association Encourages Boycott of Palm Beach Symphony

With no explanation, The Palm Beach Symphony has replaced virtually all of the orchestra’s musicians for the 2012-2013 season.  Many of the musicians had performed for the Symphony for nearly a decade or more.  According to Symphony Executive Director Michael Finn, music director Ramon Tebar is in charge of the orchestra roster, and therefore would be responsible for the replacements. These musicians have dedicated their time, talents and efforts for many years to building the Symphony, despite its offering much less than full-time work or the benefits of secure working conditions.  The decision to replace nearly the entire roster of musicians is further mystifying in light of the musicians' loyalty to the organization and consistent praise in the press.

Therefore, South Florida Musicians Association is encouraging patrons, donors, and musicians to demand an explanation from the Palm Beach Symphony management and Board and to boycott the Symphony until this obvious wrong is rectified.

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