That Union Thing

A study by the Alliance for a Just Society shows that 64 percent of job openings in Florida pay less than a living wage, and that there are thirteen job seekers for every job opening that pays at least a living wage.

A living wage in Florida, based on census sources, is defined as one that pays at least $16.84 an our, significantly more than the state minimum wage of $7.79 per hour.

A study by the Commonwealth Fund shows that the 20 states that chose not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act stand to lose billions of dollars by 2022. Florida is estimated to lose $5 billion. The expansion, which was to provide health insurance to those making up to $138 percent of the federal poverty level, is still being paid for by Floridians through taxes, but residents will not benefit from the taxes they are paying. Most disturbing is that those earning below the poverty level will not even qualify for subsidies through the Health Care Exchanges.

Meanwhile, Floridians are leading the nation in signing up for health insurance through the national Health Care Exchange. In the first two months, nearly 18,000 Floridians signed up for coverage, and nearly 300,000 have begun the process.

Florida's new unemployment website, CONNECT, is a disaster. Launched on October 15 at a cost of $63 million, the new system is riddled with technical glitches that prevent the unemployed from receiving unemployment benefits. The website contractor, Deloitte Consulting, has already paid back $1.5 million in financial restitution to the state as it continues to try to fix the system.


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