That Union Thing

Seven class-action lawsuits have been filed against McDonalds over wage theft violations.

The lawsuits, filed in New York, California, and Michigan, claim that McDonalds altered workers' time cards, failed to pay overtime, and forced workers to work off the clock. McDonalds has been found guilty of violating the Federal Labor Standards Act, which governs minimum wage, overtime, and other standards, more than 300 times in the past 30 years.

The Chicago regional director of the National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Northwestern University football players are employees who are entitled to union representation. The ruling was based on the $235 million in revenue generated by the football team in the past nine years, the 20 to 50 hours per week players spend working for the team, which often exceeds the time they spend on classwork, and the great deal of control coaches have over players, often controlling living arrangements, daily schedules, off-campus travel, and use of social media.


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