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Following months of development, Local 655  is very excited to present our members with a fully automated online contract system capable of generating fully compliant AFM L-1 and LS-1 stage contracts.

The state-of-the-art user friendly software allows you to fulfill contract requirements in minutes, no matter how complex. Whether the contract is for a single musician or hundreds of musicians, a single concert or a tour, the point-and-click interface offers fully automated, interactive and secure online creation of contracts. Calculations and information are done in minutes, perfectly and instantly every time, saving you countless hours of time and money. You will never again have to look up scales or make phone calls to verify musician's data; the work has all been done for you.

The staff at One Minute Contracts, the creator of the software, has made sure it is extremely user friendly, complete with online help and world-class support should the need arise. We are very happy to join the steadily growing number of AFM locals who have adopted this excellent modern system.

Just go to the South Florida Musicians home page and click on the new "Online contracts" button; no software has to be installed and this great service is compatible with all major browsers.

Once you have completed your contract, simply print it out, and mail it to the local as usual along with work dues and pension checks in the amounts figured for you.

We hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity to save time, money and make your contract preparation a snap! Create an account and start preparing contracts here:

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