Election Candidate Statements

Below are statements submitted in accordance with Local 655 Bylaws by candidates for the upcoming elections.

For President

Ed Kolcz
I have served on the board for the past five years, three as the current Vice President and two as a Director. I have also served on various committees during that time. If elected President, I will do my best to represent the interests of all members of Local 655. I will also actively recruit non-members to join the local and urge all members to participate in the various committees to identify issues and recommend solutions that affect all musicians. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you as President.

For Vice President

Dan Satterwhite
I have been an AFM member since 1979, and have previously served Local 655 as a Director and briefly as President. I have also been at the negotiating table multiple times in successful outcomes for the Broadway Across America contract, one of only two remaining Collective Bargaining Agreements in our Local. Recently, I have seen membership dwindle and little action in organizing. It is time for fresh faces and fresh ideas in your Local leadership and I ask for your support in making positive changes. Then we can move forward in building an inclusive Local that serves all members. 

For Secretary-Treasurer

Jeffrey Apana
Over 15 years of experience running a Local and representing musicians. Successfully fought to get Broadway Across America to hire local musicians and to get South Florida Symphony to pay past due wages. Successfully assisted AFM in enforcing AFM recording contracts, including when signatories try to replace union jobs with free student labor. Member of AFM's first national Organizing Committee. Stabilized Local finances despite challenging economy. Increased communication by use of social media and creation of website and email newsletter. Increased transparency of Local by hosting a wealth of information on website. It has been an honor to serve you.

Dana Teboe
I have been a continuous member of AFM Local 655 for over thirty years and especially during the past ten years or so I have become more and more concerned about the stagnant ineffective state we are in. I have seen Local 655 membership drop by the hundreds, revenues are at the lowest point ever and "union work" in the area seems to be all but non-existent. It's time for a change. With the new slate of concerned professional musicians running for office, I feel I we can work together to take back and revitalize our Local. 

For Director

Elena Alamilla
I am a cellist and have been a member of AFM655 since 1996. I look forward to working together on the issues affecting our musical community. 

Jose Leonardo Leon
Our beautiful South Florida is considered one of the most diverse areas in the country. Although this is one of many of its characteristics, the number of Hispanic affiliates in our union is not compatible with the number of musicians that work in said area. For this reason, as the only Hispanic candidate for any position on the board if elected, I will humbly work to help increase the number of Hispanic musician affiliation to our beloved organization by sending a message and promoting the benefits of being part of our organization.

Charles "Chas" Reskin
I'm a lifetime member of local 655 and have been a working union musician since the early 60s. We all know that the union alone can't work miracles in this "right-to-work" state, but at least we can do our utmost to blow the whistle when we see unfair and egregious acts against musicians being perpetrated. We can also work towards raising public awareness of these practices and promoting the cause of quality live music in our area. Thanks and all the best.


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