Last Month at the Local

Another busy month at the Local. Both the Wage Scale and Bylaw Committees met and have drafted proposals. Please come to the membership meeting on September 24 to voice your opinions on their proposals and cast your vote on whether they should be adopted. The Local is a democratically run organization, and your input is essential.

The AFM is preparing for negotiations with the major labels for a new Sound Recording Labor Agreement, to be conducted over the next several months. We participated in a conference call with representatives of the AFM and other Locals to discuss issues to be addressed during negotiations. With the recent lawsuits over the labels' failure to abide by the existing agreements, one can imagine that these will be difficult negotiations.

We welcomed several new and former members into the Local last month. One of the reasons for joining included liability insurance. Many venues now require bands to provide their own liability insurance, which can be obtained at a discounted rate for AFM members.

We also assisted members with questions this month ranging from Special Payments Fund distributions (checks are distributed annually in August), to funding sources for concerts in nursing homes (Music Performance Trust Fund provides grants), to Broward County Occupational Licenses for musicians (a topic we weren't aware of until last month). If you have questions, please let us know!


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