South Florida Musicians Association Holds Membership Drive

Initiation Fees waived October 1–December 31, 2015. Join now and save up to $115!

RENEW the power of working musicians in South Florida by becoming a member of the one organization looking out for your professional interests-the AFM! 

R – Respect......... Gaining respect for musicians as professionals in the community.

E – Employment. Working with musicians and employers to develop more opportunities under AFM contracts.

N – Networking.. Networking with others to build strength and influence through a collective voice.

E – Equality........ Representing all musicians so that they are treated fairly and without favoritism.

W – Wages.......... Organizing and Negotiating  to boost musicians’ wages and benefits.

Join Online:

Join By Mail:

Download an application online:

and mail with check for $176 to:

South Florida Musicians Association

404 SE 15 St

Fort Lauderdale FL 33316


For More Information

or to Request an Application:



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