Last Month at the Local

Thank you to those that attended the membership meeting on November 9. Attending membership meetings is a great way to meet other members and Local officers.

Membership meetings are also a great place to share your opinions and concerns and help steer the Local in a direction that will best serve its members. Of course you can always call or email the Local, but coming to a meeting is a great way to make your voice heard. You can always find information about upcoming membership meetings on the Local's website, in our event calendar, and at the top of every monthly newsletter. We look forward to seeing you at future meetings!

A few more performances will take place at senior centers this month courtesy of the Music Performance Trust Fund. If you have a solo act and are interested in performing at senior centers, please let us know. Sometimes we have little notice about available funding, and having your information on file helps us to quickly schedule these events. You can also submit your promo online, which will help us when we get those calls looking for musicians:



Interested in performances in Senior Centers

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