That Union Thing

SAG-AFTRA has filed a petition with the NLRB asking for a union representation election for Telemundo performers

SAG-AFTRA has an agreement with parent company NBCUniversal, and they hope to end the double-standard where Telemundo performers fail to receive the same wages, benefits, and working conditions that NBCUniversal performers receive.

The NLRB has issued a complaint against Menards stores, alleging that a thousand truckers have been misclassified as independent contractors. The NLRB also claims that the store violated labor law by requiring drivers to waive their rights to class-action lawsuits and NLRB actions.

Economists Lawrence Katz and Alan B. Krueger claim that over 15 percent of American workers are working as temps, independent contractors, and freelancers. They also claim that nearly all of the net employment growth in the last ten years has been in these types of jobs, and that the number of traditional, full-time jobs is declining.

Swiss insurance agency Suva has ruled that Uber drivers are employees and that Uber must pay social security contributions. Suva ruled that drivers are staff based in part on their requirement to follow Uber rules and their inability to set process and payment terms independently.


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