That Union Thing

A leaked document shows ways British company Diliveroo has tried to avoid being seen as an employer.

Couriers of the online food delivery company are treated as self-employed contractors, and the document details how the staff is directed to never refer to them as employees, to refer to "branded clothing" and not "uniforms," to refer to "agreements" rather than "contracts," and other language to avoid that may imply an employer-employee relationship.

A majority of reporters and editors at DNAinfo and Gothamist have signed cards agreeing to be represented by Writers Guild of America East. The union will now seek voluntary recognition from management, and may request a vote conducted by the NLRB if they refuse.

Nestle workers near Atlanta, Georgia will soon be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU). Workers fought for union representation because they felt disrespected by managers, because of racial tensions, and because of favoritism in assignments and promotions. Wages were a minor concern.

The NLRB is set to certify a vote for union representation by American University grad student workers. The grad students voted in favor of being represented by SEIU Local 500. The organizing campaign was part of the national Faculty Forward movement, which seeks to address student debt and high tuition costs.


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