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Wage Scales Go Up June 1

Local 655 minimum wage scales rose on June 1, and members should make note of the new rates. Members adopted these rates as a bottom line, a necessary floor if we hope to make a living as professional musicians. We together have decided that working below these rates kills good jobs and creates a race to the bottom that makes it impossible for us to earn a living as professional musicians.

By denying ourselves fair wages, we allow those above us to ruthlessly profit off of our labors. By holding firm, we ensure that we will receive a fair piece of the pie. Only by working together to hold the line can we make sure that there will be a career path for future generations of musicians.

We ask you to do your part. Ask what a gig pays before you accept the work. Make sure you know what minimum scale is...wage scale charts are available on our website at . Thank you in advance for your support of music as a profession and not just a hobby.


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