That Union Thing

According to the Economic Policy Institute, in the ten most populous states, 17 percent of the low-wage work force, or 2.4 million workers, have experienced wage theft by being paid less than minimum wage.

In just these ten states, the workers were underpaid on average $3,300 per year, for a total of $8 billion annually. Florida workers were most likely to be underpaid, with 7.3 percent being paid less than the minimum wage.

Uber has admitted to underpaying New York Drivers. An accounting error caused the company to deduct more than their 25 percent commission from drivers' fares. Drivers will receive an average of $900 plus interest. The settlement is expected to cost Uber at least $45 million.

Uber has fired at least 20 employees following  an internal investigation into claims of harassment and discrimination. 215 claims have been filed, and in addition to the firings, 31 employees have been required to take counseling, with another seven receiving warnings.


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