That Union Thing

After demands for "outrageous rollbacks" during their negotiations with the motion picture and television industry, SAG-AFTRA is asking its members for strike authorization.

Their contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expired on June 30. The negotiations are currently under a news blackout, so details of the proposals are unavailable.

South Africa's Commission for Concilliation, Mediation, and Arbitration has effectively ruled that Uber drivers are employees and not independent contractors. The Commission has stated that drivers may form a union, bargain, and strike, and that they may bargain directly with Uber even if an intermediary provides their cars. Several hundred Uber drivers have already joined the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union.

SAG-AFTRA has reached agreement on a new 3-year contract with NPR. SAG-AFTRA represents 430 writers, producers, and journalists at NPR. The current contract was extended twice while the parties continued to negotiate, and SAG-AFTRA was able to stop a proposal by NPR to institute a two-tier system.


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