Last Month at the Local

Our Local is a very democratic organization. It is run by members, for members, and all members have a voice in how the Local is run.

Last month, we mailed ratification ballots for our recently concluded Broadway Across America negotiations. While we had elected officers and musician representatives at the bargaining table, each member that works under the agreement also has the opportunity to vote on whether we should accept or reject the agreement, and the majority will decide whether the agreement is approved. We are also in the process of nominating candidates for our triennial election of Local officers. All members who have been in good standing for the past year (other than our inactive life members) are eligible to run for office. The nominating process is simple (a petition signed by the candidate and just five other members in good standing) to reduce any hurdles a member may face in running for office. Once nominations are concluded on September 21, members will vote to decide who will lead the Local for the next three years.


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