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Check Your Annual Pension Statements!

AFM-EPF Pension Fund Statements are in the mail, and if pension contributions have been made on your behalf, you should receive one shortly. All work done under AFM contracts that include pension should appear on your annual statement. Please note that generally pension is based on scale wages, which means that the wages listed on the report may be less than the gross amount you were paid for that year.

It is important to review your statement and make sure that all of your contributions are listed. Sometimes money gets miscredited. Perhaps the employer is not a signatory and the Fund cannot accept the money. Sometimes the employer may even be delinquent in Pension contributions. You'd be surprised at the number of people who wait until they plan to retire and then call the Local wondering why they're not receiving a pension check. The Pension Fund has a policy in place where they will only investigate errors in pension contributions that are no more than three years old...the long it's been, the harder it is to come up with documentation to prove whether a contribution should have been credited. And mistakes are made...typos in social security numbers, checks lost in the mail, etc. all leading to less pension when you retire unless those mistakes are corrected when they first happen.

If you have any questions, please call the Local. If you think you should have received an annual statement from the Pension Fund but did not, you can call the Fund at 800-833-8065 and ask them to send you one (and make sure they have your current address while you've got them on the phone!)

Are You Getting Ready For Retirement?

If you are approaching retirement age, please contact the Pension Fund at 800-833-8065 and let them know. In order for you to receive your pension benefit, you need to complete an application and let the fund know how you would like to receive your benefit. Normal retirement age is 65, and you can begin collecting as early as age 55 if you are no longer working in the music business.


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