Pay Local 655 Dues by Credit Card

Annual Dues: Full Year

Annual Dues: Semiannual Payment

Item Name: Annual Dues: Regular Member Dues
Price: $176+$5 Paypal Fees*
Item Name: Annual Dues: Regular Member Semiannual Payment
Price: $88+$3 Paypal Fees*

New Member: Annual Dues Plus Initiation Fee

Item Name: New Member Annual Dues (half year) plus Initiation Fee
Price: $203+$5 Paypal Fees*

Suspended Members:

Item Name: Regular Member Annual Dues plus Reinstatement
Price: $191+$5 Paypal Fees*

Item Name: Regular Member Semiannual Payment (1/2 year) plus reinstatement
Price: $103+$3 Paypal Fees*

Pay a Specific Dollar Amount You Determine

Please note that Paypal Fees* of $3 for amounts of under $100 and $5 for amounts of $100 or more will be deducted from your payment amount. Please contact us if you have questions.

*Paypal Fees are remitted directly to Paypal. Using the credit card option is your choice; you may avoid Paypal fees by mailing a check payable to "AFM Local 655" to: 404 SE 15 St., Fort Lauderdale FL 33316.