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02/01/98 What Have We Done For You Lately?

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02/01/98 Member Benefits

Tempo, our Political Action Committee...

  • What does TEMPO stand for?? Task Force for Employment of Musicians Promotional Organization.

  • What is it? A voluntary club formed in 1962 lobbying Congress and supporting deserving candidates for political office. In 1996, over $40,000 was distributed in 93 races.

  • Why does it exist? Federal law prohibits unions from using general funds to aid in election of candidates

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02/01/98 Officer Profiles


Peter Graves, considered one of the best and most nationally known bandleaders in south Florida, started his professional career playing on the Jackie Gleason TV series from 1967-1969. He then moved on to lead his own orchestra at Joe Namathís Bachelor III in Ft. Lauderdale for a five year engagement with Mel Torme and others. In 1976, the Peter Graves Orchestra moved to the Sunrise Musical Theatre for an unlimited run with such notable performers as Frank Sinatra, with whom they worked for 20 years, including at 3 SuperBowl appearances.

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02/01/98 Symphonic Shorts

Philharmonic Receives Grant

The Florida Philharmonic has received a $2.4 million gift from the Harcourt M. & Virginia W. Sylvester Foundation of Boca Raton to launch the Orchestraís S10 Million "Galloping Challenge" to the community. This money, the largest single contribution to the orchestra to date and for which the Orchestra hopes to secure matching contributions, will be used for the endowment fund.

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02/01/98 Recording Rap

KC, Sunshine Band: Whatever Happened?

Can things get any sadder than this?

The original KC and the Sunshine Band performed under the protection of AFM Phono-Record Labor Agreements. As a result, they were paid full scales, received Pension Fund credits, and participated in the revenue-sharing program so-well-known as the "Phono Special Payment Fund" (in 1997, over $12.4 million was distributed from this fund).

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02/01/98 Casual Corner

Liability Insurance: What you need to know

What it does: protects you from bodily injury and property damage for which you might be held responsible.

What it covers: bodily injury or property damage. as a result of your performance, personal injury suits including libel slander, etc.

Why you need it: some halls require you carry it.

How to get it: available from the Local through Wohlerís & Co. and we are working on additional coverage and plan

02/01/98 Official Business


Just a reminder...Annual Membership dues need to be paid in the month of January to avoid late fees. Dues are:

These amounts reflect the Federation Special Assessment. Please see page 7 for complete details. Thank you!

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02/01/98 Trustee's Report

Congratulations and Welcome!

When I first accepted this assignment, I had many people tell me that saving this Local was an impossible job. Thanks to the support from so many of you, we not only have this Local on a solid road to recovery, it will most likely be one of the best service-oriented Locals in the Federation.

With things taking shape and the future of the Local looking very promising, the single most underlying concern that created a significant number of sleepless nights for me was......

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02/01/98 President's Report

Dear Fellow Members,

First of all, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to call with kind words of encouragement. Iím sure there are some that donít know me personally, that are skeptical of my presidency. I encourage you to please come talk with me. I promise an open forum. Hopefully I can assure any of you that donít know me personally that my intentions are only to help.

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