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08/25/04 MDC Student Completes First Local 655 Internship

Miami Dade College student Michael Pina recently completed South Florida Musicians Association, Local 655 AFM's first internship. Over the past eight weeks, Pina assisted officers and staff in logging and filing its archive of recording contracts dating back decades. He also assisted in making promo packs of Local 655 member bands, copying CDs, song lists, and photos for distribution to potential buyers and at ClearChannel's Party Expo 2004.

"The Local 655 internship program offers students an in depth look at the music industry," says Local 655 President Cliff Walker. "Recording, symphonic, and freelance concert contracts pass through our doors everyday; we are the hub of the industry. Currently our interns have been playing a major role in the conversion of Local 655 from a paper hub to a digital hub. This conversion will allow for quicker access and research of old contracts. When recorded music is put into New Use, income is generated for our members, and the only way we can verify our members were on those recordings is through the old contracts. The faster we can research a contract, the faster the musician gets paid. Our interns are helping to make this all possible and at the same time learning about recording contracts, pay scales, break requirements, collective bargaining agreements, Pension Plans, to put it simply, learning the Union Thing."

Pina is working toward an associate's degree in music business as a student of Local 655 member Ed Calle and was named 2004 MDC Music Business Student of the Year.

08/09/04 Steve Roitstein Appointed Electronic Media Representative

Acting on the recommendation of the Local 655 Recording Musicians Committee, the Local 655 Executive Board on July 20 approved the appointment of Steve Roitstein as Electronic Media Representative.

"Steve has a history in the recording industry and many new ideas that will help our recording department and musicians progress in this Digital Age," says Local 655 President Cliff Walker. "We would also like to thank Lisa Fox for her many years of service to Local 655. Lisa gave more than just time to Local 655, she gave pride, energy and her heart and soul. Accepting her resignation as Vice President saddened us deeply, but we wish her luck in her future ventures and we're sure we will be calling on her for advice and direction. Besides being a great Vice President, as Recording Representative, Lisa helped to create one of the best recording departments in the nation, which will continue to advance from the foundation that she built."

Roitstein, Local 655 Director since 2002 and member since 1980, is a songwriter, producer, composer, arranger, and musician with over 25 years in the industry. He holds a diploma from the Interlochen Arts Academy and a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Music and Jazz and a Master's Degree in Media Writing And Production from the University of Miami, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Roitstein has been honored to record with numerous musical legends such as Julio Iglesias, Jaco Pastorius, John Denver, Tito Puente, Celiz Cruz, and Cachao, and in 2001 was awarded a Latin Grammy for his arranging work with Celia Cruz. He officially assumes his new post in mid-August.

Says Roitstein, "I’m excited about being the new Recording Representative for Local 655. I will continue to fulfill the customary duties of this position while developing new strategies to enable growth of our recording department. Some of my objectives include getting more of the local recording work under AFM contract, ensuring members receive all payments and benefits due them, representing members’ issues to the Federation, supporting members and producers in filling out session forms, and developing services for members and the recording industry. The more we can work together, the stronger Local we will have."

08/06/04 Local 655 to Promote Members at Trade Shows

South Florida Musicians Association, Local 655 AFM will be promoting its musician members at Beautiful Bride 2004 and at the Palm Beach Party Expo. The Palm Beach Party Expo, to be held August 22 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, will give attendees tools, from locations to catering to entertainment, to help them implement memorable events and great parties. Beautiful Bride 2004 will be held August 30 at the Palm Beach Marriott; the previous Beautiful Bride attracted over 500 guests looking for professionals to help plan their weddings. Both events are excellent ways for South Florida Musicians to reach the live-music buying consumer.  "Attending these two ClearChannel events is the first step of a larger plan to promote the South Florida Musicians to the private and corporate entertainment buying market. In short, we are proactively pursuing gigs for our members," says Local 655 President Cliff Walker.

08/01/04 That Union Thing

Union Representation Through Card Check

What is Card Check and Why is it Better than an NLRB Election?

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08/01/04 Legislative Roundup

On May 4, the United States House of Representatives, recognizing the arts as a core academic subject and music as an essential element of the arts, passed a resolution in support of music education.

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08/01/04 Symphonic Shorts

News & Announcements

Rena Blades, who formerly helped found and oversaw the Mary Brogan Museum of Arts and Sciences in Tallahassee, has been appointed President and CEO of the Palm Beach County Cultural Council.

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08/01/04 Recording Rap

Miami to Host MTV Awards

The MTV Music Video Awards will be held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on August 29. This will be the first time in the 20-year history of the event that it will be held outside of New York and Los Angeles. Says Miami-Dade County Mayor Alex Penelas, “This really helps solidify this community’s position as a leader in the music industry.”

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08/01/04 Casual Corner

Contractor Checklist

 Call the Local or visit the website if you have questions about which wage scales apply and to make sure you are using the current rates.

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08/01/04 Official Business

Nominations and Election for the vacant office of Vice President (second delegate to conferences and conventions)

Nominations and election for the office of Vice President will be held at the membership meeting on September 8, 2004 at 7:00 PM at the Local 655 offices.

In accordance with Local 655 Bylaws, nominations for the vacant office shall be taken at the special membership meeting from the floor, followed by a ballot vote. The newly elected officer shall be installed, and shall take office, immediately after the vote.

Should a current officer be elected Vice President, nominations and election for the resulting vacancy will be held immediately following the election of Vice President.

08/01/04 Cliff's Notes

Several newsletters ago I made the statement to the freelance musicians that “you guys need some marketing”, well here we go, Local 655 will be hitting the trade shows. South Florida Musicians will have a table at the “Palm Beach Party Expo 2004” on Sunday 8/22/04 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm, at the Palm Beach Crowne Plaza Hotel. We will also have a table at “Beautiful Bride 2004” (in its fifth year) on Monday 8/30/04, at the Palm Beach Marriott. ClearChannel will be advertising these events on 5 of their top Palm Beach radio stations. From past experience, I can tell you that when it comes to ClearChannel promoting a ClearChannel event, they are going to promote it like crazy.

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