Archives: June 2007

06/27/07 Southwest Florida Symphony Announces Auditions


Michael Hall, Music Director

Announces Auditions for the following positions:

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06/05/07 Orlando Philharmonic Announces Auditions

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra

Christopher Wilkins, Music Director

Announces the following vacancies:

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06/01/07 Official Business

Due to the absence of a quorum at the May 10 Membership Meeting, the items on the agenda will be addressed at another meeting to be scheduled in the fall. Please take a moment to visit the website at and take the poll to let us know your preference for meeting times. Thanks!

06/01/07 Member Benefits from Union Plus

Sooner or later most taxpayers are going to be audited. Business owners, wealthy individuals and those with unusual returns stand higher risks of audit, but as IRS improves its ability to match bank and investment records with individual returns, more and more "average" taxpayers are likely to be asked for additional information.

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06/01/07 Double Times

AFM Convention This Month

The biannual AFM Convention takes place this June in Las Vegas.  Every other year Federation officers and officers from all of the Locals of the AFM get together to decide the direction the AFM will take for the next two years. There are several issues that will be addressed this year that effect symphonic musicians.

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06/01/07 That Union Thing

Miami-Dade County Commissioners have unanimously adopted a resolution in support of the Employee Free Choice Act. They are one of more than 30 local government bodies that have urged Congress to pass the bill.

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06/01/07 Industry News

The Bee Gees (Local 655 members Robin, Barry, and Maurice Gibb) received BMI's Icon Award on May 15. The award recognizes their lifetime achievements.

Palm Beach County has proposed eliminating an $800,000 development fund that benefits more than 50 small to midsized arts organizations, including the Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia. The fund is one of the casualties in state and local governments' attempts to reduce property taxes. The State of Florida, meanwhile, has cut $19.2 million by freezing funding for the Cultural Facilities Program. The fund has supported 47 organizations, such as the Miramar Cultural Arts Center, hoping to build or expand their facilities.

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