Archives: April 2008

04/08/08 2nd Annual Memorial Concert for Guitarist Simon Salz

Jazz Piano Giant Dick Hyman to Make Rare Appearance at the University of Miami Gusman Concert Hall

2nd Annual Memorial Concert for Guitarist Simon Salz to raise scholarship funds for UM Summer Music Camp

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04/01/08 FGO Musicians Organize for Union Representation

The musicians of the Florida Grand Opera have united to organize for union representation. Just like the musicians of Palm Beach Opera a decade ago, the Florida Grand Opera musicians desire to have a direct relationship and a collective bargaining agreement with their management. They desire to be recognized as an integral part of the opera company. They desire an end to independent contractor status and to preserve and protect the core of the orchestra.

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04/01/08 Membership Meeting Rescheduled

Due to a lack of a quorum at the February Membership Meeting, another meeting has been scheduled for:


04/01/08 AFM Offers Discounted Web Hosting

Now available to AFM members hosting for as little as $19 a year!

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04/01/08 International Officers Visit South Florida

International AFM President Tom Lee, Vice President Harold Bradley, International Executive Board member Billy Linneman, and Electronic Media Director Dick Gabriel recently visited south Florida to speak to local recording musicians. They discussed concerns regarding getting more work under AFM agreements and the currently vacant Recording Representative position at Local 655.


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04/01/08 That Union Thing

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has voiced support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

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04/01/08 Industry and Local News

The Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club at the Deauville Hotel in Miami Beach has closed after two years of providing jazz to the Miami community. Sandoval cited lack of parking as a reason for closing, and he hopes to reopen the club elsewhere.

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