Archives: October 2010

10/23/10 Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra Seeks Orchestra Personnel Manager

The Southwest Florida Symphony seeks highly organized and musically knowledgeable individual to be responsible for administering the personnel of the Orchestra. Responsibilities include application of the master agreement, preparation and maintenance of orchestra payroll and other records, scheduling of musicians, hiring of substitute and extra musicians and coordination of auditions. The Personnel Manager serves as liaison between the conducting staff and the musicians, the administrative staff and the musicians, and management and the musician's union.

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10/20/10 Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra Seeks Orchestra Music Librarian

The Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and Chorus seeks an orchestra librarian to provide and organize all of the music needed for rehearsals and performances and for maintaining the music library of the organization’s performing groups.

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10/01/10 Official Business-Networking Night

Most of our members in Local 655 are freelance musicians and one of the most important things a freelance musician can do is network. We are much more successful at getting work when people know us and what we do.

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10/01/10 Member Benefits from Union Plus

Union Plus Medical Bill Negotiating Service by Health Advocate

The Union Plus Medical Bill Negotiating Service by Health Advocate provides union members with large out-of-pocket medical bills FREE assistance negotiating bill reductions with physicians, hospitals and other medical providers. The Service negotiates with medical providers on the union member's behalf to lower costs and establish payment plans.

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10/01/10 That Union Thing

The National Labor Relation Board has ordered Nova Southeastern University to reinstate janitors who were fired in retaliation for union organizing efforts in 2007. The janitors will also receive an estimated tens of thousands of dollars in back pay.

10/01/10 Local and Industry News

The 13th Annual Miami Jazz Film Festival, presented by WDNA-FM 88.9, opened on September 30 with Candido: Hands of Fire, a tribute to NEA Jazz Master and Local 655 member Candido Camero. Camero will be present at the screening, where he will receive the key to the City of Miami. The Film Festival will run through October 3.

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10/01/10 Membership Roster Changes

New, Reinstated, Resigned, and Suspended members for September 2010

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