Treasurer's Report

Do your part to save us money!

What can I say? Thereís been a lot of bad tradition in this office going back at least twenty years; I think "balanced budget" must have been a foreign word. Things are slowly turning around. Weíre working to cut our expenses as much as we canĖ reducing phone bills, minimizing office expenses, but thereís only so much we can cut and still be able to give decent service; if we disconnect the phones, how will we take your calls?

If you want us to enforce your contracts, give you service, youíve got to help us. Lawyers cost money. Phone calls to the West Coast to investigate new use payments cost money. Mailing you this Newsletter and bills for work dues costs money.

How can you help? Send us your new address when you move so that we donít have to pay to have this Newsletter forwarded. Donít wait for us to send 3 notices and suspend you before sending in your Annual Dues. Dial our local number rather than the 888-number if youíre calling locally. Use work dues check-off rather than making us spend time and postage billing you. And most importantly, without your work dues to pay our bills, we cannot continue to provide service. Itís that simple. The choice is file those contracts and let us continue to help you, or...

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