A community of musicians working together to
preserve the culture of music and
promote dignity, fairness, and democracy for musicians.

03/01/17 Official Business

Membership Meeting Scheduled

Just south of Commercial Blvd. and just west of US1 in the Pro-Am Building

Come see the new office, meet with Local 655 officers, and help us to brainstorm priorities for the Local...have a say in the future of the Local!

03/01/17 Last Month at the Local

This past month, President Bertolet and Secretary-Treasurer Apana visited with fellows at the New World Symphony in Miami Beach. They were joined by AFM SSD Director Rochelle Skolnick, AFM Symphonic Media Director Debbie Newmark, ROPA President John Michael Smith, and ICSOM Chairperson Meredith Snow. 

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03/01/17 Member Profiles

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03/01/17 Membership Benefits


A prop rolls off stage into the pit and puts a hole in your priceless violin. Or your chair slides off a riser because there is no guard rail and you break a leg. Or you've worked seven triple-service days in a row and now you have tendonitis.

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