Recording Rap

Greetings to all! This summer has been quite busy for our recording department. The month of July was strongest with a total of $109,000 in recording contracts. We also welcome new Jingle members Greg Wiktorski and Gary Corbett.


Iíd like to stress why using the B-6 Contract for commercials is so important. Going back in our records, I noticed a group of musicians that did a Chevrolet commercial in 1984. As of this date they are still receiving checks for cycle payments 15 years later! When you do a session, please call me so I can help you file that B-6 contract so you can get your cycle payments and pension contributions.

Single Project Agreements and New Use

I had a Leader call me as he was doing an MTV taping for a Latin Band. He wanted to protect his band in the event they used the taping in another media format. I was able to help him get the VH-l/MTV Single Project Agreement signed with the Signatory. Before the taping, the leader approached other musicians playing on the program and offered to put them on his contract to protect them also. They stated "they had cut their own deal" and werenít interested. A month after the taping, the leader called to inform me that a CD, Video, and DVD had been done from the taping. I am now in the process of working with the AFM to get the new use payments and pension contributions for our musicians covered under that agreement.

I attended a Music Industry Networking "Night for Songwriters in the Round" at One Night Stanís. They had a panel of Entertainment Attorneys with a question and answer session that was very informative. For those interested please call the following phone numbers: (305) 899-7346 or (954) 929-0982.

As always, call me if you have any questions about recording projects or contracts filed.


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