Musicians Ratify Agreement with Broadway Across America

Musicians have ratified a successor collective bargaining agreement with Broadway Across America. The new agreement runs through August 31, 2012.

In these difficult economic times, where many negotiations are resulting in wage freezes or concessions on the part of musicians, the new agreement secures modest increases in wages and pension contributions, as well as increases in cartage and recognition of the work done by keyboardists performing multiple sounds with the introduction of premium pay for such work.

More significantly, new language addresses some of the major concerns expressed by the Broadway Across America musicians. Broadway Across America has agreed to provide free parking at the Arsht Center in Miami. Broadway Across America has also recognized concerns over job security, and has agreed to language recognizing that local positions should be filled by those local musicians regularly working in south Florida. They have also recognized that musicians hired for the same production in both venues should perform in both venues, or receive a penalty payment.

The Local would like to thank negotiating committee members Neal Bonsanti, Mollye Otis, and Brian Stanley for their hard work.

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