That Union Thing

The Palm Beach County School Board has proposed hiring adjunct teachers at low pay and with no benefits or job security, to help meet the requirements of the class-size law.

The district has also proposed increasing the length of the school day for elementary school teachers, with no additional compensation for the additional time. Palm Beach county school teachers have not received raises since the 2008-09 school year, when they received a two percent raise.

A recent report of the Economic Policy Institute shows that while the productivity of US workers has risen consistently for the last thirty years, wages have stagnated. Nearly all of the productivity gains of the past thirty years have gone to enrich only the top ten percent of the nation, according to the report.

CBS has refused to air the "Let Us Play" ad by the National Football League Players Association. The ad was to air during the NFLPA high school all-stars game on February 5. CBS executives have stated that they do not want to draw themselves into the labor negotiations between players and owners by airing the ad. CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and DirecTV will still pay $4 billion to the NFL even if the games are canceled due to strike or lockout.


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