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Actors Equity Association is gearing up for its 100th anniversary in 2013. To mark the occasion, they will be releasing a book about Equity's history, hosting a traveling museum, and presenting an online multimedia personal history of live theater. The union will also be receiving a Special Tony in recognition of the work it has done on behalf of theater performers.

According to the Broadway League's biennial study, the 2010-11 Broadway season saw a 9 percent increase in economic activity over the  2008-9 season. The industry generated $11.2 billion in spending in New York city, with 80 percent coming from tourists.


SAG-AFTRA has reached a deal with the major record labels which will for the first time cover music video performers and choreographers. Those working on music videos will now have nationwide guarantees of fair pay, safe working conditions, reuse protection, and health and retirement benefits.

Clear Channel has reached an agreement with Big Machine for the first-ever royalties to performers for terrestrial radio airplay. The agreement covers Big Machine artists such as Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. Performer royalties for terrestrial airplay are not unusual overseas, but in the US the law that would grant this benefit to all performers for American radio broadcasts has been bogged down in Congress since 2009.


The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra has exceeded its Comprehensive Campaign goal. The campaign was lauched at the start of music director Jacques Lacombe's tenure in 2010 and raised $35 million, including $3 million from Prudential Financial and a $5 million challenge from Ruth and Michael Lipper and Judy Weston.

The Oregon Symphony has ratified a new three-year agreement, retroactive to August 2011. Wages increase 2.3 percent for this season, and between two and four percent in each of the following years, based on inflation. Pension contributions will also increase, from 4.36 percent to 5 percent.


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