SFMA To Host Musician Promo Event

On Saturday, March 16, 2013 South Florida Musicians Association will sponsor an event to help musicians put together a quality promo pack and learn how to promote themselves in the community.

Musician Promotion Event

Please RSVP to info[at]afm655[dot]org or 954-527-4458


Promoting Yourself on Youtube

Learn how to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website and promote yourself to the public.

Pierre Holstein has served as Associate Concertmaster of the Gavleborg Symphony Orchestra and as one of the principles in the Malmo Symphony Orchestra in Sweden. He currently freelances in south Florida and operates the website Fiddlerman.com

An Artists' Guide to $elf-Promoting Like a Pro and Developing New Frontier$

Next Level Marketing is a 90 minute interactive workshop designed to broaden the professional horizons of artists and those in the creative industries. **This is NOT a beginners workshop** Attendees should come prepared to examine the big picture of their lives and careers, redefine details of their bodies of work, and strengthen their professional narratives. "Hidden" and unexpected opportunities for growth (earning power!) will also be explored. An attendee
should take away an enhanced elevator pitch and smooth, revitalized approach for marketing oneself in formal and informal settings. Specific topics may include how others perceive you socially, to maintaining strength on ones' path, to fashion advice and choosing a great photographer!

Geniene Lane hails from Central New Jersey, with extensive experience as a New York Actress, freelance Correspondent of Arts & Entertainment, as well as professional standing as an international Recording Artist. She is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University, with a double concentration in Communication and Psychology. Currently Geniene is a Consultant to those with ambitions for a career in entertainment and the arts. Her specialties include specific how-to instructions for those just starting out and career reinvention for professionals in midcareer. In addition to her artistic career, her formal training in Psychology lends itself to her workshop facilitation and private coaching. 


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